Task Based UI

Task Based User Interface (TBI) is different from CRUD based User Interface in that the former tries to ‘mimic’ the business process lot more closely. TBI clearly identify the ‘tasks’ that the users perform in their day-to-day job and explicitly express them in the UI.

Some of the benefits of using TBI in business applications are as follows,

  1. TBI is more intuitive to the users as they tend to mimic the business process a lot better
  2. TBI can track the tasks that a user performs
  3. TBI tend to solve the problem of information overload.
  4. TBI requires the user to focus on what (tasks) needs to be done and not how should it be done, making it cognitively less demanding on the users.
  5. TBI appreciates that not all tasks in the business process has the same degree of complexity, significance and impact. Decoupling these tasks allow them to evolve orthogonally.
  6. Software development approaches like Domain Driven Development emphasizes on treating tasks (verbs of the domain model) as the first class citizens of the Ubiquitous Language

CRUD based UIs are agnostic of the aforementioned.

What do you think makes more sense in your case?







http://codebetter.com/gregyoung/2010/02/16/cqrs-task-based-uis-event-sourcing-agh/ (task based UI section)


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